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Maxim Kachur a3b38602bb update translations, new string
* make "Disconnect All" string translatable for port context menu
12 years ago
Maxim Kachur 95fdd69973 sync and update translations
* sync po/gladish.pot and po/*.po files with source code
 * po/ru.po update russian translation
12 years ago
Nikita Zlobin 2ea840cd0f Sync translations 13 years ago
emuse eeaa82d171 - german translation updated 13 years ago
graciasfidel c787d3e78f Update translations menu entries to "New Application..." 13 years ago
emuse 67b9834ee6 - fixed typo after last merger in de.po 13 years ago
emuse dd29ae23a0 - update of fr and de translations, pot update
Merge branch 'master' of git://

13 years ago
emuse 7c82af029c - de and fr translations updated, po files in sync 13 years ago
Nikita Zlobin 0464dfdeb4 Update translations 13 years ago
fkhome 7a819d7f75 - some msgids added, some corrections 13 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 3ebc8c0500 Add DE translation by Frank Kober (now really) 13 years ago