A multi-channel audio mixer desktop application for the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
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jack_mixer -- Jack Audio Mixer

jack_mixer is a GTK+ JACK audio mixer app with a look & handling similar to hardware mixing desks. It has lot of useful features, apart from being able to mix multiple JACK audio streams.

It is licensed under GPL version 2 (or later), check the file COPYING for more information.

Please visit the project's homepage at https://rdio.space/jackmixer/ for more information.


To build and install jack_mixer run:

meson setup builddir --prefix=/usr --buildtype=release
meson compile -C builddir
[sudo] meson install -C builddir

Please read the file INSTALL.md for more information and requirements.

Using MIDI CCs to control jack_mixer

MIDI Control Change messages (CCs) can be used to control volume, balance/panorama, mute, and solo of input and output channels.

The default controllers for added channels are chosen using a predefined algorithm: the first free controller starting from #11, first for volume, next for balance/panorama, then mute and finally solo.

So, if you don't delete channels, CC#11 will control the first channel's volume, CC#12 the balance/panorama, CC#13 the mute and CC#14 the solo switch. CC#15 will control the second channel' volume, CC#16 it's balance/panorama, and so on.

It is also possible to set other CCs when creating a channel, or afterwards from the channel properties dialog (accessible from the menu or by double clicking on the channel name).

MIDI CC values (0-127) are mapped to dBFS using the current slider scale for the corresponding channel.

Authors and Acknowledgements

jack_mixer was initially written and supported by Nedko Arnaudov, it is now maintained by Frédéric Péters. For a list of contributors see the file AUTHORS.

K-meter implementation taken from jkmeter, licensed under the GPL 2, by Fons Adriaensen.

Feedback and Contributing

If you have trouble getting jack_mixer working, find a bug or you miss some feature, please create an issue on GitHub or contact the maintainer by email.

You can reach Frédéric at fpeters (a.t) 0d (dot) be, and Nedko at nedko (a.t) arnaudov (dot) name. Most recently, the primary developers are Daniel Sheeler at dsheeler (a.t) pobox (dot) com and Christopher Arndt at chris (a.t) chrisarndt (dot) de, and you can also usually find these folks in #jack_mixer or #lad on Libera.Chat (as fpeters, nedko, dsheeler and strogon14).

If you want to get involved with jack_mixer's development, documentation or translation, please read the contributing guide.