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Inspired by Ruby on Rails' migrations, Migrate provides a way to deal with
database schema changes in `SQLAlchemy <>`_ projects.
Migrate extends SQLAlchemy to have database changeset handling. It provides a
database change repository mechanism which can be used from the command line as
well as from inside python code.
Sphinx documentation is available at the project page `
Users and developers can be found at #sqlalchemy-migrate on Freenode IRC
network and at the public users mailing list `migrate-users
New releases and major changes are announced at the public announce mailing
list `migrate-announce <>`_
and at the Python package index `sqlalchemy-migrate
Homepage is located at `
You can also clone a current `development version
<>`_ from the
project's `mercurial <>`_ trunk.
Tests and Bugs
To run automated tests:
* Copy test_db.cfg.tmpl to test_db.cfg
* Edit test_db.cfg with database connection strings suitable for running tests.
(Use empty databases.)
* $ pip install -r test-req.pip
* $ python develop
* $ nosetests
Please report any issues with sqlalchemy-migrate to the issue tracker at
` issues