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- better SQL scripts support (testing, source viewing)
- calculated differences between models are actually differences between metas
- columns are not compared?
- even if two "models" are equal, it doesn't yield so
- controlledschema.drop() drops whole migrate table, maybe there are some other repositories bound to it!
Unknown milestone
- update repository migration script
- required_dbs tests
- dot instead of semicolumn in dotted module name should have better deprecation warning
- change "model" in "metadata" for all highlevel api stuff
- bash autocompletion
- clarify ImportError in load_model
- implement debug flag to jump into the error
- sqlautocode support
- serializers (json, yaml, etc)
- transaction support
- verbose output on migration failures
- interactive migration script resolution?
- backend for versioning management
- port to unittest2
Documentation updates in 0.6.1
- glossary
- add story to changeset tutorial
- write documentation how to test all databases
Transaction support in 0.6.1
- should call engine.transaction()
- API should support engine and connection as well
- tests for transactions