Avoid loading working set during `Distribution.finalize_options` prior to invoking `_install_setup_requires`, broken since v42.0.0. Fixes #2158.

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Jason R. Coombs 2020-05-28 20:04:58 -04:00
parent 1988125e80
commit 4020c9a5fe
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@ -129,10 +129,27 @@ if PY3:
def _install_setup_requires(attrs):
# Note: do not use `setuptools.Distribution` directly, as
# our PEP 517 backend patch `distutils.core.Distribution`.
dist = distutils.core.Distribution(dict(
(k, v) for k, v in attrs.items()
if k in ('dependency_links', 'setup_requires')
class MinimalDistribution(distutils.core.Distribution):
A minimal version of a distribution for supporting the
fetch_build_eggs interface.
def __init__(self, attrs):
_incl = 'dependency_links', 'setup_requires'
filtered = {
k: attrs[k]
for k in set(_incl) & set(attrs)
distutils.core.Distribution.__init__(self, filtered)
def finalize_options(self):
Disable finalize_options to avoid building the working set.
Ref #2158.
dist = MinimalDistribution(attrs)
# Honor setup.cfg's options.
if dist.setup_requires: