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+ Added flag '-Wno-nonnull-compare' to compiler, to avoid
unnecessary warnings (thanks Bat Guano).
+ porg: Function get_digits(): Return 1 when input number is 0.
Version 0.10 (17 May 2016)
+ Fixed bug: Make variable names in porgrc file really case
insensitive. Now, "LOGDIR", "logdir" and "LogDiR" are all
valid and equivalent (thanks Alain Bureau).
Version 0.9 (16 April 2016)
General changes:
+ Removed 'make logme' (no longer required to log the own porg
installation). Experimental. Please report any error.
+ Removed /mnt, /media and /cdrom from the default EXCLUDE (thanks
Tomoaki Nishiyama).
+ Replace mode_t by int when calling va_arg() so that the code compiles
in OSX 10.6 (thanks Tomoaki Nishiyama).
+ Allow lowercase variable names in porgrc (like 'include=...').
Changes in grop:
+ Bugfix: When running grop as root, save config file in directory
'/root/.config/grop' (it was saved in the ordinary user home dir).
+ Do not allow running multiple grop instances at the same time.
Version 0.8 (13 April 2015)
General changes:
+ Fixed "double DESTDIR" bug (thanks Rene J.V. Bertin).
+ Added support for MacOS, and perhaps MacOS X (thanks Masahiro Kasahara
and Rene J.V. Bertin).
Changes in porg:
+ Better option requirement checking.
+ When calculating total sizes of packages, sizes of hardlinks to installed
files are counted only once (thanks Kardakov Slava).
Changes in scripts:
+ porgball: Support logging of tarballs from outside of current working
directory (thanks Piotr Karbowski).
+ porgball: Don't crash when there's no logdir (thanks Piotr Karbowski).
+ paco2porg: Properly lowercase package names (thanks Kardakov Slava).
Version 0.7 (25 June 2014)
+ Added missing $(DESTDIR)s to Makefiles.
Changes in porg:
+ Check for command line option requirements.
+ Option -U requires -r.
+ Added short option -j for --log-missing.
+ Bugfix: Properly deal with big package sizes (> 4G).
Changes in grop:
+ Display a startup info dialog when reading big databases.
+ Added button "porg suffix" to the porgball creation dialog.
+ When showing results in the "Find file" dialog, double clicking on a
row, or pressing of <Return>, makes the treeview in the main window
scroll to the selected package.
+ Improved the quality of the grop icon.
Changes in scripts:
+ Bugfix: porgball failed to process symbolic links to directories.
+ Bugfix: paco2porg failed to process missing files.
Version 0.6 (16 June 2014)
Changes in porg:
+ Bugfix: porg erroniously complained about command line option
incompatibility when some options were doubled (like in '-rr').
+ Improved the man page and usage output of porg, organizing options by
groups. Added a new section 'FILE NAMES WITH SPACES' to the man page.
Reading it is recommended.
+ Removed path /etc/mtab from the default EXCLUDE.
+ Search package info in configure.log if config.log is not found.
+ Ask the user when unlogging a package (option -U), unless option -b
is enabled.
Changes in grop:
+ New icon.
Changes in scripts:
+ New command line options --no-porg-suffix and --logdir for porgball.
+ Let porgball extract files from ordinary tarballs (without suffix
'.porg' in their names).
+ Honour DESTDIR when installing porg_bash_completion (thanks Veeti
Version 0.5 (11 June 2014)
Changes in porg:
+ Improved checking of command line options compatibility.
+ Added paths {/run,/mnt,/media,/cdrom,/etc/mtab} to the default EXCLUDE.
Changes in grop:
+ Accept command line options (run 'grop -h' for more info).
+ Added a "Cancel" button to the porgball creation dialog. Fixed some minor
+ Save settings in ~/.config/grop/groprc instead of ~/.grop
Changes in scripts:
+ Bugfix: Porgball failed when trying to log extractions with porg.
+ Bugfix (#1): Paco2porg lost package information (thanks Leandro Nini).
Version 0.4 (26 May 2014)
+ Bugfix: In some cases, tmp files were not removed after installing a
+ Bugfix: Some files were not registered when logging the own porg
installation with "make logme".
+ Bugfix: The main window of grop was partially invisible.
+ Bugfix: Porgball failed to extract porgballs in some cases.
+ New feature: When installing a package, save the environment variables
passed to ./configure, and not only the command line options.
+ New feature: Expand any environment variable (and not only $HOME),
in variable LOGDIR in porgrc.
+ New feature: Added option '-x|--exact-version' to porg and porgball (see
man page).
+ Improved the code for searching for package information.
+ Added porg.spec.
+ Removed the (buggy) superporg script.
Version 0.3 (19 May 2014)
+ Readded GPL License and Copyright.
+ Bugfix: Properly log files with spaces in their names.
+ Bugfix: EXCLUDE variable in porgrc was not parsed correctly.
+ Bugfix: Skip sourcing of /etc/bash_completion when installing
porg_bash_completion, to avoid errors from foreign software.
Version 0.2 (23 April 2014)
+ Several bugs fixed thanks to the contribution of Masahiro Kasahara:
- paco2porg failed when importing paco logs with no logged files
- porg hanged up when logging packages and the installer program calls
+ Fixed bug that prevented logging of files created by programs that don't
terminate normally.
+ Fixed bug with resolution of relative paths.
+ Removed option '-g|--log-ignore-errors'.
+ Handle system calls openat(), linkat(), etc... when installing a package.
+ Do not handle *truncate() system calls when installing a package.
+ Removed porg.pc from distribution, as porg is not a library.
Version 0.1 (16 March 2014)
+ Removed question 3 of the FAQ, which discusses logging of directories.
+ Removed getopt from the distribution. Use native getopt.
+ Do not check for regex.h in configure (assume it is available).
+ Rewritten porgball in bash, and fixed some bugs in it.
+ Fixed bug in porg when installing packages with description spanning
more than one line (thanks Gordon Findlay).
Version 0.0 (14 March 2014)
Changes from the last version of paco:
+ Disabled the options for removing shared files when uninstalling a
package, both in porg and grop. Now shared files are never removed,
as it ougth to be.
+ Disabled listing of missing and shared files.
+ Simplification of the GUI.
+ Major code enhancements and cleanup.