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# A complete list of authors. For individual contributions please read CHANGELOG
Liles, Jonathan Moore / original-male (original author)
for authors before the fork in May 2020 please see
Coelho, Filipe / falktx (new-session-manager fork)
Hilbricht, Nils (new-session-manager fork)
Runge, David / dvzrv (new-session-manager fork)
# Individual Contributions in alphabetical surname order
Meyer, Hermann / brummer
Picot, Mathieu / houston
Berkelder, Rik
A complete list of authors is maintained in git

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The statements made here only concern the API document. All other documentation and help texts of
the "New Session Manager" are original works.
This subdirectory "API" contains an adapted copy of, which
was released by Jonathan Moore Liles <> under the title "Non Session Management
API Version 1."
It was published on the the NON-Website on 2013-04-06 with git commit
d7cf8955b8557ccc56d108425a2c61b0e1ac73f4 under the Creative Commons By-Sa License 2.5, as was the
whole website (see website footer). For a full copy of the license please see the attached file
This adaption and all changes are licensed under CC-By-Sa 2.5 as well. The original work was copied
from the NON-website by hand in 2020-07 by Nils Hilbricht.
Initial git commit on 2020-07-06 is the unaltered content by Jonathan Moore Liles, not counting
layout changes because the document format changed. All subsequent changes and authors can be
reviewed by git log.

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This is an internal reminder what to check and change before a release.
Version number in / (one occurence)
Version number and changes in /CHANGELOG
Regenerate API and Website html to update the date in their footer
We do not change the copyright date in file license-headers. That is not required by law and only
exist to mark to year of the fork. In the future it might be removed completely.