Linux Audio Desktop Integration Tools
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Linux Audio Desktop Integration Tools

LADITools is a set of tools aiming to achieve the goals of the LADI project to 
improve desktop integration and user workflow of Linux audio system based on 
JACK and LADISH. Those tools take advantage of the DBus interfaces of JACK 2 and LADISH
to ease the configuration and use of your software studio.

In a near future, it should also be possible to use laditools to control JACK through
an OSC interface.

You will find in this suite :
 - The laditools python module (no interest for the end users)
 - laditray : a system tray icon that allows you to start, stop and monitor
   JACK, as well as start some JACK related apps (log viewer, connections...) 
 - wmladi : a controller as a Window Maker dockapp which uses a menu similar to laditray's
 - ladilog : a JACK, LADISH and a2jmidid log viewer
 - ladiconf : a GUI to setup JACK's and laditools' configuration
 - g15ladi : a JACK monitor for g15 keyboards

Enjoy !