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= Version 1.3 on 20YY-MM-DD =
Changes since 1.2:
* Add waf verification script from waf-2.0.27
* Upgrade waf to 2.0.27
* Update INSTALL
= Version 1.2 on 2023-03-29 =
Changes since 1.1:
* Apply downstream patches from FreeBSD
* meson: Fix project license field (MIT->GPL-2.0-only)
* meson: Fix version.h when building from tarball
* meson: disable siginfo build
* meson: Fix after README->README.adoc rename in 1.1
= Version 1.1 on 2023-11-26 =
* waf: Add a script to generate an unpacked instance of the waf
all-in-one blob. (by Alessio Treglia)
* liblash: Fix small misspellings (by Alessio Treglia)
* Default the name of configuration tool to "ladi-control-center",
instead of the older "ladiconf" (by Alessio Treglia)
* gladish: embed flowcanvas-0.7.1
* fixes of compiler warnings
* ladishd: last-rite stdout/stderr output of child subprocesses is
not ignored anymore.
* ladishd: Fix logging from child processes
* ladishd/loader: add includes for getrlimit (build fix)
* ladish: Don't notify user about unexpectedly stopped apps that
returned 0 exit code. Fixes #197 (from old trac
instance). The exit code detection for apps ran in terminal is/was
not working, at least with xterm. xterm doesnt seem to be able to
return exit code of its child process.
* ladishd: preload instead of (by falkTX)
* ladishd: fix double free in malloc failure handling code path
* ladicore: fix potential access of NULL pointer in catdup
* proxies: add assert to disable complain from clang static analyzer
* ladishd/rooms: Fix uses of unintialized memory
* daemon/room-save: Actually handle project directory
existence-check/creation failures.
* proxies: Remove useless assignment pointed by clang static analizer
* ladishd: Fix memory leak on procfs read() failure
* ladishd/loader: Fix use of uninitialized memory in chdir() failure
handling code path.
* ladicore: Fix memory leak on procfs read() failure
* ladishd: Improve assert and fix clang static analyzer report
* ladishd: Fix undefined return value in case of error (on studio
* ladishd/virtualizer: Don't set garbge pid to ports (either new or
existing ones).
* ladishd/virtualizer: Fix memory leak when a2j mapping fails
* gladish: Fix error checks in graph canvas code
* gladish: Improved handling of failure to get studio name
* gladish: Fix memory leak in strdup() failure handling code path
* ladishd/rooms: Fix memory leak in strdup() failure handling code
* gladish: Fix memory leak when separator is added to dynmenu;
check for allocation failure otherwise.
* gladish/flowcanvas: Comment out useless code in flowcanvas and make
the clang static analyzer happy.
* Fix formatting errors in log calls
* Remove (useless) ifdefs for LADISH_DEBUG
* Improved logging, runtime, take advantage of gcc printf format
* enable extra compiler warnings and fix the the code
* ladishd/loader: add license header text to source file
* gladish: quit on ctrl-q
* liblash: Install lash include files into /usr/include/lash-1.0/
instead of /usr/include/lash/, so to match the lash-0.5.4 and
lash-0.6.0~rc2 layout.
* ladishd: switch from sigsegv to siginfo
(optional and disabled by default)
* Fix doxygen warnings
* waf: add --libdir option (by Goran Mekić)
* gladish: don't crash when unable connect to dbus
* ladishd: Fix GetAllPorts D-Bus method declaration
(by Markus Kitsinger)
* ladish_control: py3 compatibility
* ladishd: Fix implicit fallthrough warning with gcc 9.3.0
* Apply patch (from openSUSE) for python3 compatibility
* ladishd: Fix for -Werror=restrict
* gladish: Adjust load project dialog for newer gtk2 versions
* files (by Max Audron)
* waf: Disable -Werror
* waf: Upgrade to 2.0.26
* Remove all git sumodules
* gladish.desktop: use Engeneering category
(good suggestion by Dominique Michel)
* waf: add --docdir option and change the default to
* waf: new configure option, --enable-gladish
(and disable gladish build by default)
* Merge index.adoc and README into README.adoc
* waf: *prepend* CFLAGS and LINKFLAGS
(give priority to distro flags)
* ladishd: Don't set LADISH env vars for L0 & L1
* gladish: Fix build with recent version of dbus-glib
* waf: Install gladish related files only when gladish build is
* waf: always put the short sha1 in the ladish tarball name
= Version 1 on 2011-12-19 =
* vgraph manipulation
* lash support
* jack-session support
= Version 0.3 "preview 3" on 2011-01-10 =
* Hardware port virtualization / rooms
* Visual notifications about errors and studio/project state changes
* ladish specific settings
* lists of recently used studios and projects
* connections of stopped apps are persisted
* a2j ports are now clearly marked on gladish canvas
* app start/stop by double clicking in the app list
* you can save a text comment and description as part of the project
* Russian, French and German l10n of gladish
= Version 0.2 "preview 2" on 2009-12-29 =
* Persist canvas box positions
* Save/restore connections
* Launch new applications (level 0 and level 1)
* Save/restore applications as part of studio
* Handle external JACK clients
* a2jmidid support
= Version 0.1 "preview 1" on 2009-09-01 =
* JACK multiconfig (Save/restore jack settings by saving and then
loading and activating studios)