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Requirements (tools, headers and libraries):
* You need gcc for C and C++ (4.2.2 should work)
* You need JACK (1.9.5 should work)
* You need dbus (1.2.16 should work)
* You need libuuid from e2fsprogs (1.40.2 should work)
* You need the expat XML parser (2.0.1 should work)
* Python (for ladish_control and LADI Tools)
For building the GTK2 frontend gladish (disabled by default),
additional dependencies are:
* You need glib-2.20.3 or later
* You need dbus-glib-0.74 or later
* You need gtk+-2.20.0 or later
Note, gladish will not work with GTK3 (or GTK4).
The Claudia frontend is alternative GUI in python that uses Qt.
Instructions for building with waf follow.
As alternative, is provided.
= Configure it =
./waf configure
This will configure for installation to /usr/local prefix.
If you want to use other prefix, use --prefix option:
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
If you want to build gladish as well:
./waf configure --prefix=/usr --enable-gladish
For full list of options, run:
./waf configure --help
= Build it =
By default, all available CPUs/cores will be used.
To adjust the number, use -j option, e.g. for 4 jobs:
./waf -j 4
= Install it =
./waf install
When installing into /usr this command has to be ran as root.