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Requirements (tools, headers and libraries):
* You need gcc for C and C++ (4.2.2 should work)
* You need JACK (1.9.5 should work)
* You need dbus (1.2.16 should work)
* You need libuuid from e2fsprogs (1.40.2 should work)
* You need the expat XML parser (2.0.1 should work)
* Python (for ladish_control and LADI Tools)
Optional requirements, without them GUI frontend will not be built:
* You need glib-2.20.3 or later
* You need dbus-glib-0.74 or later
* You need gtk+-2.20.0 or later
= Configure it =
./waf configure
This will configure for installation to /usr/local prefix.
If you want to use other prefix, use --prefix option:
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
For full list of options, run:
./waf configure --help
= Build it =
You can use -j option to enable building on more than one CPU:
./waf -j 4
= Install it =
./waf install
You probably want to run later as superuser to install system-wide