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Nedko Arnaudov e88d2014ba Adjust for the updated log cdbus interface 5 months ago
Max Audron 1e69f48936 add meson build files
build common, cdbus, alsapid, and proxies as static libraries.
daemon aka ladishd links to them at build time.
3 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 9908fe7a0d fix alsapid build on non-linux systems. #181 12 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 36ef11202b alsapid: make it work again
c62134ca6e broke alsapid
12 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 60aaa492db Make alsapid work when libasound is loaded with dlopen(). Fix for #180
when alsapid is preloaded libasound is not loaded yet
for some unknown reason, late call to dlvsym() fails as well,
at least for mididings (python loads that
implicitly loads

this changeset implements the late symbol lookup,
because it makes the code smaller

the actual fix is to LD_PRELOAD as well
12 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 0cfdeec2e7 alsapid: hide the init function. Fixes #122 has an init function with same name as the one in
so the hexter one was not being called and the descriptor pointer
that is returned was NULL
13 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 9592afef25 alsapid_get_pid() for use in ladishd virtualizer 13 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov bbee2910ce alsapid: replace stale symlinks 13 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 683b8f4d4f alsapid: dont treat ENOENT on unlink as error
If handle was created but its name was not set, then symlink will not exist.
aconnect behaves like this.
13 years ago
Nedko Arnaudov 920f1b7225 alsapid: initial code 13 years ago