CI: build cdbus before jack2 and ladish

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Nedko Arnaudov 2023-05-01 07:57:07 +03:00
parent da2edb9c0e
commit 7717e81c64
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@ -3,8 +3,12 @@ TOP:=$(shell pwd)
.PHONY: ladish
rm -rf jack2
git clone -b $(shell git symbolic-ref --short HEAD) --depth=1
cd cdbus && python3 ./waf configure --prefix=$(TOP)/build/destdir/usr
cd cdbus && python3 ./waf
cd cdbus && python3 ./waf install
git clone -b $(shell git symbolic-ref --short HEAD) --depth=1 --recurse-submodules --shallow-submodules
cd jack2 && python3 ./waf configure --prefix=$(TOP)/build/destdir/usr
cd jack2 && PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}:$(TOP)/build/destdir/usr/lib/pkgconfig python3 ./waf configure --prefix=$(TOP)/build/destdir/usr
cd jack2 && python3 ./waf
cd jack2 && python3 ./waf install
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}:$(TOP)/build/destdir/usr/lib/pkgconfig python3 ./waf configure --prefix=$(TOP)/build/destdir/usr