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Martin Bruset Solberg 6ce70b7d34 refactor: fixed typo
(cherry picked from commit ba0fd27b9c51c34d6a2de4339e45d44edbd48518)
1 year ago
David Runge 5aa5861af0 Fix jack_control for flake8 compatibility
Remove unused imports for os and traceback.print_exc.
Fix indentation, whitespace and line length issues across the entire
Simplify printing in `print_help()` by calling `print()` only once.
2 years ago
nick87720z 3a19b628f8
jack_control - shell mode and update (#821)
* jack_control: move to tools for a while

* jack_control: shell mode command

This command runs loop, which executes commands from stdin until EOF
(Ctrl+D in terminal). Command status is printed to stdout.

* jack_control: optimize some functions

* jack_control: unused function

* jack_control: more informative message about dbus typesig error

* jack_control: Fix shell mode I/O

* restore jack_control path
2 years ago
David Runge 8d7faa5bea Move jack_control to dbus (#831)
* Move jack_control to dbus dir

The `jack_control` script is dbus specific and not part of the original
jack tools. As the files offered by jack-example-tools are now
optionally not built, the script needs to be made available from a
location, that is not ignored when omitting the build of
jack-example-tools files.

* Move installation of jack_control to dbus integration

Install `jack_control` script if building/installing jackdbus.

Remove (unconditional) installation of `jack_control` script.
2 years ago