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Nedko Arnaudov a8ec586cba dbus/jack_control: moved to
Backup repo:

dbus/jack_control is now submodule

jack_control is now always installed as part of jackdbus.
With dedicated repos for jackdbus and jack_control,
there is no point in having jack_control installation conditional.
2023-07-24 02:59:00 +03:00
Nedko Arnaudov 1a23ec5ae9 jack_control: new command - "show"
show command behaves a bit like last parts of (current) script,
but chains the involved commands status2, dg, dp and ep internally.

The script uses status command and does not display
JACK settings unless jack is started. The show command uses
status2, so the settings will be displayed always.
2023-07-09 17:28:27 +03:00
Nedko Arnaudov 757bfbb903 jack_control: add status2 command
While status command returns always, status2 command
allows followup chained commands.
2023-07-09 17:23:29 +03:00
Martin Bruset Solberg 6ce70b7d34 refactor: fixed typo
(cherry picked from commit ba0fd27b9c51c34d6a2de4339e45d44edbd48518)
2022-09-10 13:01:31 +03:00
David Runge 5aa5861af0 Fix jack_control for flake8 compatibility
Remove unused imports for os and traceback.print_exc.
Fix indentation, whitespace and line length issues across the entire
Simplify printing in `print_help()` by calling `print()` only once.
2022-04-13 22:57:52 +01:00
nick87720z 3a19b628f8
jack_control - shell mode and update (#821)
* jack_control: move to tools for a while

* jack_control: shell mode command

This command runs loop, which executes commands from stdin until EOF
(Ctrl+D in terminal). Command status is printed to stdout.

* jack_control: optimize some functions

* jack_control: unused function

* jack_control: more informative message about dbus typesig error

* jack_control: Fix shell mode I/O

* restore jack_control path
2022-04-13 18:31:49 +01:00
David Runge 8d7faa5bea Move jack_control to dbus (#831)
* Move jack_control to dbus dir

The `jack_control` script is dbus specific and not part of the original
jack tools. As the files offered by jack-example-tools are now
optionally not built, the script needs to be made available from a
location, that is not ignored when omitting the build of
jack-example-tools files.

* Move installation of jack_control to dbus integration

Install `jack_control` script if building/installing jackdbus.

Remove (unconditional) installation of `jack_control` script.
2022-01-15 15:09:56 +00:00