Silence a false positive compiler warning

Potential overflow which cannot happen, since the integer
ranger here is just a handful of dB, nowhere near INT_MAX.
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Robin Gareus 2022-11-01 01:24:31 +01:00
parent 6730cfe13e
commit d19b12c283
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@ -1757,10 +1757,10 @@ static void draw_grid (Fil4UI* ui) {
char txt[8];
snprintf (txt, 8, "%+d", i);
char txt[16];
snprintf (txt, sizeof(txt), "%+d", i);
GRID_DB(i, txt);
snprintf (txt, 8, "%+d", -i);
snprintf (txt, sizeof(txt), "%+d", -i);
GRID_DB(-i, txt);