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--- INSTALL for Caleson ---

To install Caleson and its tools, simply run as usual:
$ make
$ [sudo] make install

You can run the tools without installing them, by using instead:
(Replace '<tool>' by a proper name, in lowercase. Some distros may need to use 'python' here)
$ make
$ python3 src/<tool>.py

Packagers can make use of the 'PREFIX' and 'DESTDIR' variable during install, like this:
$ make install PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=./test-dir


The required build dependencies are: (devel packages of these)

  • JACK
  • Qt5
  • PyQt5 (Py3 version)

On Debian and Ubuntu, use these commands to install all build dependencies:
$ sudo apt-get install libjack-jackd2-dev qtbase5-dev qtbase5-dev-tools
$ sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5 python3-pyqt5.qtsvg pyqt5-dev-tools

To run all the apps/tools, you'll additionally need:

  • python3-dbus
  • python3-dbus.mainloop.qt

Optional but recommended:

  • a2jmidid
  • jack-capture
  • pulseaudio[-module-jack]

The 'Caleson' app relies on jackdbus to work properly (either JACK2 or JACK1+DBus patch).

The python version used and tested is python3.2. Older versions won't work!
After install, the app/tools will still work on distributions with python2 as default, without any additional work.


All tools require Python3 and Qt5 (PyQt5), some of them work on Windows and Mac.
Here's the required run-time dependencies of each of the main tools:


Requires jack
Recommends a2jmidid (>= 7) and jackdbus
Suggests pulseaudio[-module-jack]


Requires jackdbus


No special requirements